1. 70% OF MILLENNIALS are willing to pay a premium of 15% or more for a pizza or burger that has flavours they haven’t tried before.
  2. 54% of consumers consider new menu items important in their decision when selecting a restaurant.
  3. 49% of consumers said they would likely pay more for a new menu item.
  4. 69% of fine dining restaurants add new offerings at least monthly.
  5. 73% of fast casual restaurants add new offerings at least monthly.
  6. 57% OF CONSUMERS who dine out at least once a week said their top reason for visiting restaurants is because they enjoy the overall experience.
  7. ⅓ OF MILLENNIALS said plant-forward offerings are extremely important in their decision
    to choose one restaurant over another.

Mainstays will always matter. Modern diners are seeking more choices and deeper engagement – bold flavours, new experiences, plenty of dietary offerings, lifestyle options, and relatable dishes among many other demands.

The G-generation is not verbal but techno about their dining demands. The flexitarian movement is here. Plant-based foods and veggie-focused dishes aren’t just for vegans anymore nor are they a passing trend.

Exceed diners’ expectations by taking dining standards to new heights. How important are NEW menu items important when diners decide which restaurant to go to when selecting a dining place?